A catalyst for meaningful storytelling

Dr. Enuf is a legendary elixir with origins in East Tennessee. With 75 years of creative storytelling - the entrepreneurial success of this amazing brand still continues to this day. From an advertisement in a trade magazine, this connection gave birth to the original energy drink made right here in the mountains of East Tennessee. Like many others - we love sharing the story and being a part of their continued growth

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Apparel and Packaging
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Media Management For Small Business

We prioritize cutting-edge technology and modern digital media, and create effective media solutions to keep our clients competitive and looking toward the future.


We focus on the power of ideas, asking questions, and exploring the essence of your business and goals for the future.

Website Services

We have developed more regional websites in East Tennessee than any other resource. Solid long lasting website solutions for mobile and desktop.

Digital Assets

Expert media consulting on all aspects of digital assets. We help our clients protect their assets and improve their organization.

Software & AI

Software design systems to improve workflow, manage your content, databases, e-commerce business, and more.

Horizon Members Get More!

Kingsport's Credit Union opens up a new membership campaign and strategic growth initiatives into the new year. Members get more at Horizon Credit Union and time to target the audience and build upon the creative.
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Southwest Virginia Criminal Justice

Representing over 50 law enforcement agencies in Southwest Virginia, this new training website is a gathering place for leaders and protectors. Full e-commerce and custom programming.
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Celebrating the season and the sights - Telling the Kingsport story...

Christmas in Kingsport was spellbinding this year. From the glowing smiles at Santa and the laughter and joy from the Grinch - we took to the skies and the streets for this special postcard during the season in Downtown Kingsport.

Drone Photography
Event Photos
Social Media Content
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We culture partnerships to achieve measurable goals with trust and a focus on ROI.

At Volume Interactive, we understand small businesses' challenges regarding marketing and advertising. That's why we offer a range of services designed to help our clients achieve their business goals and reach modern audiences more effectively and at competitive budgets than compared at large agencies.