The space between "Diet" and "Zero Sugar

The word "Diet" has long been one word that initially sounds good, but it's not a word that sounds easy. Diets are hard, and even words need to retire sometimes.

Soft drink brands have moved to a new definition with "Zero Sugar," and Volume Interactive helped Dr. Enuf to a smooth transition to modify the label without upsetting the devoted fans across the South, with a positive brand message to educate consumers, "Still The Name - Better Name."

Read the label

Redesigning the iconic Dr. Enuf label is always a challenge with consistency. We threw away a lot of prototypes and ultimate decided to keep the new "Zero Sugar" brand message with the same consistency of the family of Dr. Enuf labels. If it ain't broke - don't fix it.

Grocer Shelf Signage and Box Labels To Soft Launch the Transition.

Truck Wraps

The Dr. Enuf trucks are one of the most recognizable local software brands running the roads since 1949. Volume Interactive works with vendors and artists to ensure accurate details are provided and maximum street appeal.