Horizon Credit Union Memberships

Riverbend Park - Kingsport, Tennessee - By Volume Labs 2023
February 10, 2024

At Volume Interactive, we specialize in creating marketing strategies that not only capture attention but also foster community and growth. That's why we were excited once again to partner with Horizon Credit Union on their latest initiatives aimed at expanding their membership and enhancing member experiences. Here's a closer look at what we've been up to.

Empowering Referrals: The Genesis of Refer and Prosper

The Refer and Prosper campaign was born out of a simple yet powerful idea: empower existing members to become ambassadors for Horizon Credit Union. We understood that personal recommendations carry a weight no advertisement can match. To encourage this, we designed an incentive program rewarding both the referrer and the new member with $50 each. Our strategy encompassed targeted emails, internal branding, and visible prompts at drive-through locations, ensuring the message reached every member of the Horizon family.

Showcasing Member Benefits: The Members Get More Campaign

For the Members Get More campaign, we wanted to do more than just talk about benefits; we wanted to vividly illustrate them. Set to launch in the Spring of 2024, this campaign utilizes a blend of radio, billboards, and digital marketing to bring the value of Horizon Credit Union membership to life. Through compelling visuals and narratives, we're spotlighting the enriched financial lifestyles of Horizon's members, supported by modern, user-friendly interfaces.

Our Vision for Horizon's Growth

Collaborating with Horizon Credit Union, our goal was clear: to drive membership growth while reinforcing the credit union's commitment to its members. We're not just aiming to increase numbers; we're striving to strengthen the sense of community and improve financial well-being among members.

With these campaigns, Volume Interactive is proud to support Horizon Credit Union's mission of providing exceptional service and value. We're excited to see the impact of our work as we move into the new year, confident that our efforts will not only attract new members but also deepen the loyalty of existing ones.

At Volume Interactive, we believe in the power of community-centric marketing. Through the Refer and Prosper and Members Get More campaigns, we're setting new standards for what it means to be part of Horizon Credit Union. Here's to a future where every member knows they truly do get more with Horizon.

It's more than a campaign; it's a movement toards a brighter financial future for all Horizon Credit Union members. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what effective marketing can achieve.