The magic of the right cowboy hat with Electragraphics - A Tale of Innovation and Tradition

Riverbend Park - Kingsport, Tennessee - By Volume Labs 2023
March 24, 2024

At Volume Interactive, we thrive on bringing brands to life through electrifying design and captivating narratives. Recently, we had the pleasure of partnering with ElectraGraphics, a trailblazer in book pre-press production, to craft a brand strategy that's as bold as it is timeless.

Picture this: a sales team leader sporting a big cowboy hat, a symbol of their deep industry knowledge and extraordinary relationships with giants like McGraw Hill, Oxford, Harper Collins, Simon and Shuster, and many more. This iconic hat isn't just an accessory; it's a statement of trust and expertise.

With ElectraGraphics, we embarked on a journey to weave this symbol of tradition into their new brand identity. We didn't just design a website; we crafted an electric experience that pays homage to their roots while propelling them into the future.

Our team delved into effective brand strategies and storytelling narratives to launch a front-end introduction at national conferences, captivating publishers with the promise of innovation and reliability. Each element of the design, from the vibrant colors to the sleek interface, echoes the energy and distinction of the cowboy hat brand strategy.

As ElectraGraphics steps into a new era with their revamped brand and website, we're honored to continue our partnership, building new relationships and forging ahead with creativity and flair. Stay tuned as we illuminate the path forward, one electrifying design at a time.

Click here to visit the new website.