This Is Kingsport Successful Year

Riverbend Park - Kingsport, Tennessee - By Volume Labs 2023
February 10, 2024

Volume Interactive is proud to celebrate our second year of collaboration with the City of Kingsport, contributing to the thriving success of the This Is Kingsport website. Our partnership has seen remarkable achievements, especially in terms of user engagement and digital outreach.

This year, the website experienced an impressive 10% increase in overall traffic, demonstrating its growing popularity and the community's keen interest in staying informed about local events and activities. The most notable successes, however, are reflected in the dramatic surge in our text and email subscriber base.

The number of text message subscribers skyrocketed by an astounding 700%, growing from 200 to 1,600 recipients. Similarly, our email communication saw an exponential increase of over 1,000%, with the number of subscribers jumping from 90 to 1,000. These figures not only highlight the effectiveness of our digital marketing strategies but also underscore the community's desire to stay connected with the city through our platforms.

These successes are a testament to our strategic planning and execution, reinforcing the value of digital engagement in fostering community involvement and awareness. As we move forward, Volume Interactive remains committed to further enhancing the This Is Kingsport website, ensuring it remains a vital resource for the community and a benchmark for digital engagement excellence.