Building the Atlas Trail

Riverbend Park - Kingsport, Tennessee - By Volume Labs 2023
July 8, 2023

New regional attraction - The Atlas Trail

The Kaycliff Center on Boone Lake is a multi-purpose facility that tells the adventure story of Judge Sanders and his wife, Kay. This couple, one of the region's most successful entrepreneurs, traveled the world with his wife and dog Dolly and visited cultures worldwide. The Kaycliff Center is a museum and educational facility that houses one of the largest collections of New Guinea artifacts in the United States.

Positioned on the cliffs of Bays Mountain between Kingsport and Johnson City, The Kaycliff Center is building an interpretive walking trail on the property that expands on its story with an educational experience that spans the globe.

The site is under construction and expected to open in Fall 2023.

A long-time client, our developers, and contractors are working to design and build this exciting concept by installing large interpretive signs and digital-based media to complement the story and the attraction.

Stay tuned for this exciting project launch.