Horizon Credit Union Membership Campaign - "Members Get More"

We are thrilled to launch our latest collaboration with Horizon Credit Union. This dynamic and vibrant marketing campaign is aimed at driving member growth in 2024. Building on the success of previous campaigns, including the memorable 90th anniversary and "Hard Working People" initiatives, we're staged to introduce a refreshing strategy with the "Members Get More" campaign.

Our journey with Horizon Credit Union this year has been about digging deeper into what "more" truly means for the local community. Through meticulous planning and creative brainstorming, we've identified key elements that resonate with potential and existing members, ensuring our message is not just heard but felt.

Integrated Marketing messages across all platforms

The cornerstone of our strategy is a direct referral program, encouraging current members to bring their friends and family as new members. With enticing referral fees and a clear message that being part of Horizon Credit Union means gaining more, we're setting the stage for significant growth.

Our comprehensive approach includes a splash of bright colors and powerful messaging across various channels. From eye-catching billboards and website updates to engaging social media posts, internal and drive-through signage, and impactful radio spots, every element is designed to capture attention and spark conversation.

Comprehensive Media Strategies

Launching in late February, this campaign represents a holistic effort to strengthen the Horizon Credit Union community. We're not just promoting a credit union; we're building a foundation for more rewards, more benefits, and more value for every member.

Together, we're not just growing numbers; we're enhancing lives, one member at a time. Experience the difference with "Members Get More" – because at Horizon Credit Union, the basics is just the beginning.