Real people.

Hard Working People of Kingsport

In the fiercely competitive landscape of East Tennessee credit unions, standing out requires more than just offering competitive rates, checks, and deposits.

Horizon Credit Union, which has been serving Kingsport for 90 years, prides itself on being a credit union for hardworking individuals.

Originally established for the City of Kingsport, Horizon Credit Union sought a distinct way to showcase its unwavering commitment to the citizens of Kingsport, Mount Carmel, and Church Hill.

Work With Dignity

Capturing the people of Horizon Credit Union highlighted the diverse and dedicated individuals serving our community, from police officers to maintenance staff, hairdressers to firefighters. Their images contributed to a unique story showcasing the Spirit of Kingsport and the members of Horizon Credit Union.

Outdoor Banners with the campaign strategy are constant reminders of the campaign.

Blog and Social Promotions

Leveraging our relationships, Volume worked with This Is Kingsport to describe the unique experience that surfaced during the production of this campaign which continues through 2023.

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