This Is Kingsport

The City of Kingsport launched This Is Kingsport as the definitive city resource to communicate events and stories that capture the Kingsport Spirit.

This active community destination is a mobile resource for people on the go and captures a lot of attention with fresh happenings in the City.

There's extensive optimization for search-friendly content, plus an active, engaged community linked via text and email.

Text & Email Platforms

With more than 90% of all traffic to This Is Kingsport coming from a mobile device, Volume has programmed a powerful text and email platform delivered weekly to subscribers. This free service has thousands of recipients and is a useful ad-free resource that keeps all the city's events and information right up front.

Powerful calendars and integration with all City of Kingsport destinations.

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Brand Redirection

Working with a small team of designers, Volume's best resources were inspired to create a new logo for Kingsport that moves from letters an icon that represents the Spirit of the Community - a fun, vibrant, and authentic mark flying a flag that folds in the state of TN and the unique regional qualities of our East Tennessee heritage.

Social Media and Outdoor Marketing

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